April 10, 2008

This past weekend I came across some candy I used to eat from when I was a kid.  This strawberry wrapped, strawberry flavored hard candy of my past reappeared at my friend’s baby birthday party.  The wonderful creations were passed out in the loot bags for the kids.  Of course I got one because at heart I am still a kid.  I took the strawberry candy from everyone I knew.  I was so excited in seeing this candy again.  Once i put it in my mouth a flash of memories of me eating this candy filled my mind. If you have ever had this candy you would understand.  They are just so delicious.  Now I cannot stop eating them.  So if you know were to find them let me know.  Thanks

– Colette



  1. hmmmm i wonder what food you’ll right about tomorrow!!


  2. I used to buy them at the local branch store of
    Goodies from Goodman; I don’t see them offered
    on the current website for that firm, Call ’em and
    see if they carry them, but only in local stores…
    If you want them badly enough, google for the
    images “strawberry candy” — for example I see
    a matching picture at a site http://www.punkypoo.com,
    but is really expensive there…

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