Unforgettable Quotes!

April 15, 2008

red hearts

“True love is giving all you have to someone you know you’re going to lose” – Ray H. Wall

Wow! This quote is something.  Many people’s fear is losing someone they love, but never have I ever thought about it the way that Ray H. Wall says it.  Yes, we tend to give someone we love everything we can to make that person happy.  And that thought is only in our mind.  Never do we think that loving someone means knowing that you are going to lose that  person.  We live in a world that we try to think that if someone loves us enough that they will never leave us, but what about the times when it is out of our control and even their control.  That person is gone no matter what we have done.  The group Death Cab For Cutie say it best in their song What Sarah Said–“love is watching someone die.” Never heard of it, find it and listen to it.

– Colette


One comment

  1. Love is giving something you cannot have in return, cos’ not all that you love will love you in return.

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