New Things!

July 9, 2008

Finally the day is here that I actually got a new phone. It is a big upgrade from a couple of phones I had in the past. The first one got so messed up that it would not close. I name it Chompper because it would not close. If you know what Pacman looked like that’s exactly what my phone was like. On top of that my phone charger would not charge my phone. Since this phone was so bad. I took a hand me down phone from my cousin because he got a new phone. It worked well for a while. Then its charger started acting up and would not always charge my phone.

Now I have a new phone. Its red. From Nokia. I am quite fond of it. Lets just hope that this one will not have problems.


– Colette


One comment

  1. sexxxxay.

    like you. :]

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