back to school days.

August 29, 2008

Unfortunately, summer is coming to a close and fast.  Meaning school is coming to a rushing start.  I am not a big fan of school starting.  Having to deal with all the work and all, it is just too much stress.  I am been slowly moving my clothes back into my apartment and I am not looking forward to what it means.  I guess all of this is caused by the fact that I actually had a full three months of summer.  Because I am usually ready for school.  Not that I like having to go to school, but rather I am okay with having to go back to school.  This summer has been good to me.  Some great memories were made and some good fun was had.  Thanks to all that took part in the memories and fun.  Can’t wait to do it again.

One thing I hate the most about school is figuring out again where the classes are and if you are in college having to petition a class you were on the wait list for.  Petitioning a class is such a pain.  You do not have a guarantee  to getting into the class.  I really hope I get into my class cause I wont know what to do if I do not.  I think I will cry and have a break down because this class is a prerequisite for  my major.  I need to take this class now if my plans of when to apply for the program is going to be followed. But from what it looks like its not going to well.  =/

Well enough of that.  Its stressing me out.  Lets have some fun.  Only four more days of summer, so lets make the most of it. =]

– Colette


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