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September 26, 2008

And so they start.  Today was first of three presidential debates. I personally found that it to be entertaining. Did it change my mind about who I am going to pick for president? No.  But it was good to hear what each side had to say.  Today’s debate just reaffirmed my pick for president.  I never really watched presidential debates before because it for me was never a concern.  But now that I can and will be voting, I have found a new gained interest in politics and other such affairs.  Taking an interest in politics and what is going on in our country is something each of us as citizens should do.  We as the general public somewhat keep the government in check, but if we do not know what is going on how are we going to do that?  I can not wait till the vice president debate and the other presidential debates.

Good Luck to both candidates.

– Colette


unknown interviews..

September 20, 2008

So I was just googling images. Cause I was trying to put album covers on all of my songs on itunes and i came across the image above.  I clicked on it to find out my teachers from when I danced Tahitian were interviewed by a magazine.  I danced with the group for a good 5 years, but I had danced since I was about 8.  Polynesian dancing became and essential part of my life, which I miss so much.  The practices, the people, culture, competitions I miss it all.  The rush of going out and dancing like you have never danced before its great (for lack of better words).  Right about when I had to stop dancing they started up this new concept, theme and show called Amerikanesia.  It was about our story.  The story of our group, the dancers, who we were.  I was apart of the first original show before it got reformed and made it big.  With the improved form of the show they were asked to perform in Vegas at Planet Hollywood.  The group is doing big things, not that it wasn’t before.  I am so proud of them.  We faced adversity with this show because it was so different.  I am glad they are getting recognition for being bold and going beyond the traditional norm.

GOOD LUCK NONOSINA!!!  I love and miss you all.

– Colette

PS: To read the interview click the picture.



September 15, 2008

“Real love stories never have endings.” Richard Bach

This quote caught my attention today.  It is so very true.  True love, unconditional love, real love, everlasting love, and just plan old love never do have and ending.  Even if the love of your life dies in one chapter of your life, you never stop loving them.  What would it be like to have a love that was never ending?  Many of us believe we may have found that special someone we are going to spend the rest of our lives with and have a never ending love story, but there are those of us who continue to wander looking for it.   We never know what we have found is real or not until it has endured many trials and tribulations.  Going through the wear and tear of life, but still strong like the day it started.

Have you found it, or are you still searching with no end in sight?

– Colette


Unlucky days.

September 13, 2008

Let me just say if you don’t want to read a rant stop reading right now. So, today was the moment of truth.  My professor made the decision of who got into the class and who didn’t.  And as you all probably guessed I didnt get in.  Its not fair.  Me not getting into this class, puts me a semester behind where I want to be. I am so sad that I didn’t get in. I felt good today.  I thought I was going to get in. But I was wrong.  Boy was I wrong.  I thought I would get into the class because the 2 other compents of the class was open during the times I was able to go.  But I guess I was beat to the punch.


Its rather unfair.  But I will get over it…….eventually.

– Colette


New Seasons.

September 11, 2008

So the new season of Grey’s Anatomy is coming in about two weeks from today.  I really can’t wait.  It looks like its going to be a good one.  If you haven’t seen it here it is.  I was a bit shocked after seeing it.

There are so many shows starting up again that I will not be able to keep up with all of them.  I am going to get overwhelmed by the many shows that I take interest in.  Maybe I should cut back in the amount of tv I watch, but I can’t really help it.  Good thing some shows are available on the internet, so hopefully I will be able to watch everything I want to.




New Shows.

September 9, 2008

This season there is a vast array of new up and coming shows.  Just caught the new JJ Abrams show called Fringe.  This show has a very LOST feel to it. The opening scene started like LOST with an airplane experiencing turbulence. They have one of the LOST characters Matthew Abaddon playing one of the main characters Phillip Broyles.  Even down to some of the score to the show sounded like something you would hear while watching lost. It is a very good show very interesting. Its about the government trying to figure out who is behind these set of patterns of events that have been happening.  Another show I caught today was called “Hole in the Wall” which was taken from the Japanese show. Its hilarious. Its hosted by Brooke Burns and Mark Thompson.  But nothing can beat the Japanese version.

I think I watch too much tv, but oh well whatever keeps me sane, right?

– Colette



September 6, 2008

Okay, I may have lied to you all about the highlight of my week.  I apologize.  It was just all the stress I was having the first few days of school, trying to get into my classes. =/ So getting a shout out just stood out more than the other things that brought joy to my life (besides the great boyfriend J Diaz).

So the season premier of Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill and America’s Next Top Model I must say were up to par.  Let’s start with Gossip Girl. The possibility of Dan and Serena getting back together. I just love it. Nate being in an affair, YIKES!!!!  Blair and Chuck I am not a big fan of them getting together but the tension and drama of it all very entertaining. I feel like this season is going to be good.

I am so happy it was Peyton that Lucas called.  I mean I knew that it would be her, but for it to finally be confirmed was good.  I was so happy that I screamed when it was her. I feel so bad for Brooke though.  Man her mom just sucks. And to top it all of she gets beaten up.  Nathan and Haley look happy.  Sucks for Dan, Crazy Carrie has him locked up.

America’s Next Top Model was typical Tyra Banks, out there.  I have my favorites all ready.  Looks like it will be a interesting season well most of them are.

Cannot wait until all of my shows come back.

– Colette