September 3, 2008

Well school has started its only my second day of classes and I am tired of it.  I am so over school.  Yesterday was a fairly good day.  Although, I cannot say the same for today.  Right now I am waiting in the hall of a class I am not sure I am getting into.  This class is a three part class and I am not sure if I will fit into the class at all.  I hate this.  The uncertainty.  Its driving me bananas.  On top of that, I will not find out if I am in the class until the end of next week.  When its pretty much too late to try to add any other classes.  I should have added more classes, so if I don’t get in I still have classes to take and won’t be under credits.  But hopefully the visit with my counselor will help sort everything out and figure out what I can do. I really hate this with a great deal of passion.

So please pray for me.  I really hope I get in this class.  I really need this class.

– colette


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