September 6, 2008

Okay, I may have lied to you all about the highlight of my week.  I apologize.  It was just all the stress I was having the first few days of school, trying to get into my classes. =/ So getting a shout out just stood out more than the other things that brought joy to my life (besides the great boyfriend J Diaz).

So the season premier of Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill and America’s Next Top Model I must say were up to par.  Let’s start with Gossip Girl. The possibility of Dan and Serena getting back together. I just love it. Nate being in an affair, YIKES!!!!  Blair and Chuck I am not a big fan of them getting together but the tension and drama of it all very entertaining. I feel like this season is going to be good.

I am so happy it was Peyton that Lucas called.  I mean I knew that it would be her, but for it to finally be confirmed was good.  I was so happy that I screamed when it was her. I feel so bad for Brooke though.  Man her mom just sucks. And to top it all of she gets beaten up.  Nathan and Haley look happy.  Sucks for Dan, Crazy Carrie has him locked up.

America’s Next Top Model was typical Tyra Banks, out there.  I have my favorites all ready.  Looks like it will be a interesting season well most of them are.

Cannot wait until all of my shows come back.

– Colette


One comment

  1. i like the new layout. and WORD. i love gossip girl :]

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