New Shows.

September 9, 2008

This season there is a vast array of new up and coming shows.  Just caught the new JJ Abrams show called Fringe.  This show has a very LOST feel to it. The opening scene started like LOST with an airplane experiencing turbulence. They have one of the LOST characters Matthew Abaddon playing one of the main characters Phillip Broyles.  Even down to some of the score to the show sounded like something you would hear while watching lost. It is a very good show very interesting. Its about the government trying to figure out who is behind these set of patterns of events that have been happening.  Another show I caught today was called “Hole in the Wall” which was taken from the Japanese show. Its hilarious. Its hosted by Brooke Burns and Mark Thompson.  But nothing can beat the Japanese version.

I think I watch too much tv, but oh well whatever keeps me sane, right?

– Colette



  1. its okay I have too much useless information in my head from paying too much attention to pop culture and other oddities. 😛 i’ll come visit you soon.

  2. Yeah, I agree it has some a similar feel to Lost in some aspects. I’m very excited about this show.

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