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September 20, 2008

So I was just googling images. Cause I was trying to put album covers on all of my songs on itunes and i came across the image above.  I clicked on it to find out my teachers from when I danced Tahitian were interviewed by a magazine.  I danced with the group for a good 5 years, but I had danced since I was about 8.  Polynesian dancing became and essential part of my life, which I miss so much.  The practices, the people, culture, competitions I miss it all.  The rush of going out and dancing like you have never danced before its great (for lack of better words).  Right about when I had to stop dancing they started up this new concept, theme and show called Amerikanesia.  It was about our story.  The story of our group, the dancers, who we were.  I was apart of the first original show before it got reformed and made it big.  With the improved form of the show they were asked to perform in Vegas at Planet Hollywood.  The group is doing big things, not that it wasn’t before.  I am so proud of them.  We faced adversity with this show because it was so different.  I am glad they are getting recognition for being bold and going beyond the traditional norm.

GOOD LUCK NONOSINA!!!  I love and miss you all.

– Colette

PS: To read the interview click the picture.


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