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Getty-ing Artsy.

October 24, 2008

Today, I finally went to the Getty Villa.  I got to go because my boyfriend, J Diaz, is a graphic design major, so we have to go to cool art places because he has to do it for class. The Villa was just beautiful.  From the enterance to the actual museum it was just amazing. The architecture of the whole place was very interesting. The artwork, sculptures, artifacts were just delightful, which is from various times and cultures from Greek, Roman, Etruscan, Egyptian. It is amazing to see many of them in full or close to full condition. If you have not gone to the Getty Villa or the Getty, you need to go. Both places are I would like to say breath taking. They bring a great appreciation to the world before our own. Also you can see the great influence they have had on our cultures today.

This video speaks for itself. =] Why Tuesday?

But one thing it does not mention is Vote.  Vote for what you believe in. Vote for what you want to happen. Vote to have your voice heard. VOTE!!

– Colette

PS: Here is the scale for my optical illusion

There should be 11 faces on this picture. Average people see 4-6, sensible 8-10. The best see all 11, schizophrenics and paranoics 12 and more.

Do not take this seriously cause the longer you look the more you find.



October 18, 2008

How many faces can you find? Tell you what they mean later.





October 18, 2008

I saw something ridiculously amazing last night on Jimmy Kimmel during his like monologue.  He was making fun of the video above.  Since, the one I saw was not the real one I searched for the real video. This women is amazing. She took her disablitiy and threw it out the window and not let it affect her. She is a true inspiration. I have all my fingers and I can even come close to playing the piano as beautiful as she does.  Hee-ah Lee has only four fingers and she can play te piano like I have never seen. It is just amazing what determination can do.

Seeing her brings a new perspective to my life. I should not let my pety obstacle stand in the way of what I want to do.

– Colette


racism and ignorance.

October 16, 2008

I have never been so upset in my life. After seeing this video I was truly outraged. I think McCain should not allow this to happen. He needs to educate his constituents.  Because as you can see in this video that some of them are racist, ignorant people.  I have never myself experienced racism, maybe because I live in an area that has evolved from it all, but I did not think that so many still people felt that way.  It is somewhat understandable for some older people feeling that way, but there are young people who feel the same way. It is ridiculous.  There are many statements that made me want to throw my computer out the window.

These people continue to claim that they are scared of what an Obama Presidency means and now I am too.  But not for the same reason as some of the people in Ohio. I am afraid that some people are going to fear what he brings for our country and are going to do something stupid.  Something needs to be done. Most likely the McCain campaign will do nothing cause it does not hurt him that these people feel this way.  And that is just wrong.  Why would anyone person allow this to happen? They need to understand that the rumors that have been going around trying to connect Obama to various people like terrorist is just outrageous.

All the negative campaigns have created an even bigger ignorance. On top of that our media many times does not provide enough information. I am not trying to point fingers here, but someone has to do something before this fear turns into something distructive.

– Colette



October 15, 2008

I can’t believe we have people that are still so ignorant to the facts of different things.  I am sure you all have seen this by now.  But, this is ridiculous.  The stupid campaign ads trying to portray Obama as a Muslim or a terrorist it is outrages.  Because if you really think about it, if that was the case, wouldn’t we know all that by now.  Like honestly. It is too late in the game. And I highly doubt that he would be able to run for president.

On the note of the comment or question by the old women.  Who cares if he was Arab? Being a certain race does not make anyone less qualified to be president.  Maybe we need to get away from the whole middle-aged christian white men running the country.  Religion nor race should interfere with a person’s capability of running for office.

I felt McCain having to respond to those comments or question just made him look bad.  It made his constituents look so ignorant, and even racist. I am very upset at the fact of this.  Even Sarah Palin’s comment in trying to tie Obama as being good friends to the former “domestic terrorist”, Bill Ayers is ridiculous.  By the time Obama was old enough to be “friends” Ayers was no longer in Weatherman.

People need to realize everything we read , everything we see, hear is biased one way or another and we need to take everything with a gain of salt and make our own conclusions. Because we are not given sufficient, unbiased information we have to do it ourselves in doing the research.  Trying to find everything we can so we can make better opinions about what is going on in the world.

Don’t be ignorant, get educated.



stupid double standards.

October 11, 2008

My parents are filled with stupid old school double standards.  My mom is blind to the fact that boys need and deserve just as much as girls rules about going out and coming home.  When it comes to my brother they let him go out, stay out all night with out even saying a word.  Its rather stupid.  Just because he is a guy does not mean he cannot into the same amount or even more trouble than girls can.  I could have sworn we were moving past these double standards, but I guess not.  Maybe its a generation thing and the whole thing that my parents from the Philippines, but it pisses the crap out of me.

My parents act like he can do no wrong, but in reality no one is perfect and some type of wrong or misjudgment will happen in everyone’s life.  Its really stupid.  They act like he tells them the truth all the time, but they have no idea the reality of how kids lifes are now.  Its different, their are more pressures and temptions.  Well I guess you can say the are the same, but it is more prevelant and almost common or acceptable in some groups.

When I am confronting them about this issue they always try to use the whole gender card, any smart person will not put themselves in harms way on purpose (I know there are exceptions).  But if anything because guys know they can get away with things more than their sisters they push the limit.  A typical excuse to some parents use in response to the actions of their sons is that “they are just being just boys.”  What the heck is that?!

I know for dang sure when I am mother I am not going to put this type of double standard on my children.  It is something that I just cannot accept.  Its almost barbaric, and medevial.  I thought we are moving away from this whole notion, but it is still so promient in our society.  Double standards are everywhere in our society not just between men and women, but between the rich and the poor, the famous and not famous. We should take these double standards and get rid of them all.

– Colette



October 8, 2008

So, I am here in school trying to get work done, but I can’t.  I have a headache.  I can’t focus. It is taking me forever just to read because I have to stop every 5 minutes.  Today was suppose to be a productive day.  Were i would get a lot of reading done so I won’t be behind, but my freaking body won’t let me do so.  Rather upset about the whole thing.  I was going to purchase soem Tylenol, but 4 tablets cost way more than what i have in my wallet right now.  So, I am here in pain.  Trying to get work done, trying to fight it off, trying to make the best of my day.

Maybe next time I post I won’t have a headache.

– Colette