stupid double standards.

October 11, 2008

My parents are filled with stupid old school double standards.  My mom is blind to the fact that boys need and deserve just as much as girls rules about going out and coming home.  When it comes to my brother they let him go out, stay out all night with out even saying a word.  Its rather stupid.  Just because he is a guy does not mean he cannot into the same amount or even more trouble than girls can.  I could have sworn we were moving past these double standards, but I guess not.  Maybe its a generation thing and the whole thing that my parents from the Philippines, but it pisses the crap out of me.

My parents act like he can do no wrong, but in reality no one is perfect and some type of wrong or misjudgment will happen in everyone’s life.  Its really stupid.  They act like he tells them the truth all the time, but they have no idea the reality of how kids lifes are now.  Its different, their are more pressures and temptions.  Well I guess you can say the are the same, but it is more prevelant and almost common or acceptable in some groups.

When I am confronting them about this issue they always try to use the whole gender card, any smart person will not put themselves in harms way on purpose (I know there are exceptions).  But if anything because guys know they can get away with things more than their sisters they push the limit.  A typical excuse to some parents use in response to the actions of their sons is that “they are just being just boys.”  What the heck is that?!

I know for dang sure when I am mother I am not going to put this type of double standard on my children.  It is something that I just cannot accept.  Its almost barbaric, and medevial.  I thought we are moving away from this whole notion, but it is still so promient in our society.  Double standards are everywhere in our society not just between men and women, but between the rich and the poor, the famous and not famous. We should take these double standards and get rid of them all.

– Colette


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  2. aaah i guess it affected u too much…anyway i have to accept ur fact abt this double standard…i have no sister , me & ma bro only n our house so we dnt hve chance to identify these standards in our life..

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