October 15, 2008

I can’t believe we have people that are still so ignorant to the facts of different things.  I am sure you all have seen this by now.  But, this is ridiculous.  The stupid campaign ads trying to portray Obama as a Muslim or a terrorist it is outrages.  Because if you really think about it, if that was the case, wouldn’t we know all that by now.  Like honestly. It is too late in the game. And I highly doubt that he would be able to run for president.

On the note of the comment or question by the old women.  Who cares if he was Arab? Being a certain race does not make anyone less qualified to be president.  Maybe we need to get away from the whole middle-aged christian white men running the country.  Religion nor race should interfere with a person’s capability of running for office.

I felt McCain having to respond to those comments or question just made him look bad.  It made his constituents look so ignorant, and even racist. I am very upset at the fact of this.  Even Sarah Palin’s comment in trying to tie Obama as being good friends to the former “domestic terrorist”, Bill Ayers is ridiculous.  By the time Obama was old enough to be “friends” Ayers was no longer in Weatherman.

People need to realize everything we read , everything we see, hear is biased one way or another and we need to take everything with a gain of salt and make our own conclusions. Because we are not given sufficient, unbiased information we have to do it ourselves in doing the research.  Trying to find everything we can so we can make better opinions about what is going on in the world.

Don’t be ignorant, get educated.




  1. Democrats too now can learn from the Canadian elections .. no party won cause they really did not care about the voters, but only about winning themselves http://anyonecare.wordpress.com/2008/10/15/canada-harper-failed-again-in-an-attempt-to-win-majority-government/

  2. Hi there,

    I think it’s wonderful that you took time to read my blog.

    There is one big difference between Obama and Clinton: Experience! I feel that Obama used extremely poor judgment in not selecting her for his running mate. I believe that he lost many women voters’ support due to his arrogance.

    I find that I do agree with John McCain on fundamental issues. We do not need to be creating new programs at a time when we are in deficit. We need to be making better use of the ones we have and cutting back. We do not need to pull out of a war that we have already started; we need to finish what we started. I don’t want a President with no foreign policy experience, and I certainly don’t want one that is evasive and has a hard time giving an opinion for fear it’ll knock him out of a vote.

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