racism and ignorance.

October 16, 2008

I have never been so upset in my life. After seeing this video I was truly outraged. I think McCain should not allow this to happen. He needs to educate his constituents.  Because as you can see in this video that some of them are racist, ignorant people.  I have never myself experienced racism, maybe because I live in an area that has evolved from it all, but I did not think that so many still people felt that way.  It is somewhat understandable for some older people feeling that way, but there are young people who feel the same way. It is ridiculous.  There are many statements that made me want to throw my computer out the window.

These people continue to claim that they are scared of what an Obama Presidency means and now I am too.  But not for the same reason as some of the people in Ohio. I am afraid that some people are going to fear what he brings for our country and are going to do something stupid.  Something needs to be done. Most likely the McCain campaign will do nothing cause it does not hurt him that these people feel this way.  And that is just wrong.  Why would anyone person allow this to happen? They need to understand that the rumors that have been going around trying to connect Obama to various people like terrorist is just outrageous.

All the negative campaigns have created an even bigger ignorance. On top of that our media many times does not provide enough information. I am not trying to point fingers here, but someone has to do something before this fear turns into something distructive.

– Colette


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  1. Let me clarify, welfare give those the opportunity to become lazy. My immigrant grandfather and Native American grandmother chose not to become lazy. They spent their entire lives living below the poverty level, and would be classifed as lower income minorities. Never once did they take welfare and no how poor they were. They alway believed that they where living the American dream. No matter the hardship.

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