November 1, 2008

Yesterday, I went trick or treating with my little cousins, the Jedi and Barbie Princess.  I would have gone too, but I had nothing to wear, but nonetheless it was still fun.  Since, I missed out last year because it was a Thursday, I made it a point to go trick or treating with them this year.  It was fun.  The kids came out with a lot of candy.  It was pretty cool cause some people were giving like two hand fulls of candy and it wasn’t the cheap kind of candy either. There was a mini haunt house maze, but when we got the all the monsters were not working, so we were able to go in without them getting scared. It was okay. Just small.  That’s all the night was filled with, I did not have anything else planned and I did not have anything to wear, so I guess it works out okay.

Happy Belated Halloween.  Now marks the coming of the Holidays and my BIRTHDAY!!!


– Colette


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