times we want to take back.

November 9, 2008

I was thinking about my past.  Yes, I know we should not dwell on the past, but i found some things in my life i wish i could take back, things I may have taken for granted at the time. Some times I want to turn back the clock to when everything was easy and simple, nothing to worry about. unfortunately, those times have come and gone. I am not saying I regret anything…well maybe i do in some way, but i guess you can say i learned from it.

I guess today is just one of them days that i wish i was five again and nothing mattered to me more that just having fun, having nothing to worry about, just absolute freedom from the real world and the troubles it brings. Those were the days I wish I could go back to, but that will never happen in real life. Maybe in my dreams I will be able to escape it all, the real world, for just a moment to be able to be five again.

– Colette


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