November 15, 2008


So, I have been noticing that almoast everywhere I go there is some sign of Christmas. Christmas is just around the corner, but still far enough for a wait. Thanksgiving on the other hand is in my sight, but yet you do not see much of Thanksgiving decorations anywhere. It is all about Christmas. I like the holidays. Even though it brings sometimes the worst in people, it still brings joy and happiness to many.


This week I went to The Griffith Observatory. Didn’t get to see the stars this trip.  Maybe next time. There better be a next time (hint hint ;] you know who you are). I remembered many things from when I first went there many years ago. But a lot has changed due to the renovations. While JDiaz and I were there we may have seen a celebrity with his kids. This celebrity was Freddy Rodriguez who plays Gio in Ugly Betty. I was totally freaking out trying to figure out if it was him. I wanted to saw something, but I got to scared too. And I also didn’t want to look like a fool if I was wrong. But nonetheless, I had tons of fun at the Observatory despite the fact that parking was 5 miles away.

Have a good weekend!

– Colette


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