November 23, 2008


On Thursday I went to the Ahmanson Theatre to watch Spring Awakening the musical. Spring Awakening is a musical that has won 8 Tony Awards and they deserved each of them. It was just amazing. I had seen a version of this play before and for me it was alright. Granted when I first saw it, the play was not turned into a musical. The musical version was so well done and had such a modern twist to the music and brought a good sense of humor, which was very refreshing. The story line of this play is not true only about the time it was written in, but also for today. The play dealt with adolescence, temptations, and the uninformed lives they live in because it was taboo to talk about things like sex. This play can evoke many emotions. Well it could have just been me, but I’d like to think anyone can relate to any of the subjects the play touches.

I highly recommend that you catch this musical while its in your area. Right now its in LA until December 7.

– Colette


One comment

  1. Thanks for the great post. It is good to know that musical theater is alive and well in LA and that Spring Awakening is a great hit there. Keep up the posts – every bit helps to kepe live theater alive everywhere. Cheers!

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