March 20, 2009

i_love_you_manAfter watching Adventureland, I caught the midnight showing of I Love You, Man with my boyfriend, J Diaz, and his roommates and their girlfriends. Two funny movies in one night. Two good movies in one night. This is a movie you all have to see. Jason Segel is freaking brillignt in this movie. I was laughing so hard in this movie too. Paul Rudd I think took it home with his awkwardness and the most random, never before heard sayings. It was just great. I liked how Jason Segel seemed to be a mister cool guy in the movie too. It was different from how he was in Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

So without saying anything that further divluges into the story, I will end right here. But please go watch it. Is worth the money to see it.

Have a great weekend.

– Colette

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