March 23, 2009


This weekend I purchased the Twilight DVD. I also watched most of the special features. I have not gotten to finish them all yet because I bought the Target version and been watchign it with my little sister. I found the specail features fun. I really liked them. I found many things funny. Like I watched the commentary of the movie and there was very interesting things said amoungst Kristen Stewart, Catherine Hardwicke, and Robert Pattinson. It was cool seeing the various extended scenes and deleted ones too.

This weekend I watched so much Twilight because I first watched it with my cousins and a few of my church buddies, then i watched it with my parents before I left for the week. So, this whole weekend has been all about Twilight for me. I must say though. It has gotten me excited again for New Moon. Also, to read the Twilight again and possibly the other books in the serious too.

If you haven’t seen or read either the movie or book give it a try you never know you might like it.

– Colette


  1. i loved the 7 part documentary :).

  2. I bought the Target version too. Lots of features! I haven’t gotten through them all yet.

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