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April 15, 2009

“To live is to suffer, to survive is to find meaning in the suffering.”

— Viktor Frankl

I heard this quote several times in my religious studies class. It was not until yesterday that I actually started to think about the meaning of what it is saying. The man who wrote/said this was a Holocaust surviver. Viktor Frankl before the Holocaust was a doctor of neurology and psychiatry. While he was in the concentration camp wrote a manuscript called The Doctor and the Soul, but that was destroyed when they found it. He did let this discourage him. It became he driving force and hope to be reunited with his family. Unfortunately, his family did not survive. He wrote another book called Man’s Search for Meaning. This man despite everything continued to live and continue to make his life have a meaning. 

When I heard that the quote above was a said/written by a Holocaust surviver it then somewhat made sense. But isn’t it so true. We continually complain in what we do not have, what has happened to us, we as a society tend to focus on the negative rather than the good that comes out of lives. But why? It does nothing, but bring us down more. The bad things happen in our lives for a reason and they shape who we are. The suffering we endure during our live can help us be stronger and better people, but that is not possible unless we understand the good that came from the suffering. When we survive or overcome the suffering, we learn from it. We are able to have this understanding for our life. It helps us gain fulfillment in our own lives. 

What do you think?

– Colette



March 14, 2009


Yesterday at bible study, we began watching a little bit of the movie 10,000 BC and it intrigued us, so we continued to watch while some of us waited for the rest of our fellow bible study buddies to come. So, as we watched the movie I noticed an actress. I could not quite my finger on her right away, but as i continued to watch it I realized she looked an awful like Camilla Belle, but I was not sure. It bothered me for a while that I wasn’t sure who she was. Maybe I couldn’t be sure it was her because of the color change in her eyes. It plauged me and I was constantly debating with myself if it was her. So today, I checked out the cast listing of the movie and I was right. I am rather proud/happy–call it what you may– of myself (I know I am weird, get over it). But all in all I want to watch this movie. It was rather interesting.

During our bible study, this questions was posed, who gets into heaven? That thought that may be in many or some of our minds. And yesterday I was given an answer to who is getting into heaven. Of course it is those of us who believe in God and accept him wholeheartedly, but what about those who don’t. Many of us may have people who do not believe in God that we care about. And its a rather scary thought that they may not be with us in the afterlife. The whole notion who gets in to heaven, and what is heaven is like is a crazy concept because no one is 100% certain until they reach that point. I know I question if I myself is getting into heaven, that all I have done on this world is going to be enough to pass the judgment that I will face. But all I can do is believe in God, follow his word and head to his will. It is a hard thing to do, but I try to do it everyday.

Hmm..yeah I know weird this started off kinda lighthearted then turned serious, but oh well.

God Bless and I agape you all. (don’t know what agape is look it up). =]

– Colette