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April 7, 2009

Saw this video and thought it was very strange. What are your takes on it? I guess I can see the correlation to the song and video but yeah. It kind of tripped me out. Oh well, its art. 

– Colette



September 4, 2008

So the highlight of my day yesterday and very possibly my week is that I got a shout out from Kina.  I found out I got this shout out cause my boyfriend, J, was watching the video and being the sneaky bear that he is, saw it before I had and gave me the headphones so we could watch it together.  And low and behold at the end of the video when she does her shout outs and birthday greetings there was my name. I was rather happy about this event.  It helped bring a little more happiness to my day.  =]

Kina is a new up and coming singer.  I think she is really good.  Most of us probably didn’t notice it, but she won the Doritos contest and her music video was played during a Super Bowl commercial break.  Yes, my life is pretty boring if the highlight of it all was just a shout out.  I have been having a rough week. So, forgive me.  I know I have been rambling lately about how I hate school, but it will end once my problems are all sorted out.  I am trying to stay optimistic, but its hard when life just keeps throwing curve balls at you.

For instance, I thought I saw the light at the end of the tunnel of problems, but I was wrong.  It was just another lost person walking through with a flashlight. =/ (weird I know)  I thought i found the solution to my problems, but it was not.  Well technically I will find out Monday.  I am going to try to crash this new class.  And if i get in,  I might say byebye to my Chemistry class. We shall see.

Thanks for reading the rant.  I promise it will get better in time. =/

– Colette